In a report from the United Nations access to the Internet is now a Human Right! The UN wishes to prevent states from censorship or banning the web or sites. It feels flow if information is vital as a human right.

I am sure nations with no free press will disagree! I also imagine the USA along with other countries attempt to ban and censor plenty of content based on National Security. MI5 recently hacked a terrorist website with bomb making instructions and replaced it with Cup Cake receipts.

It seems amazing that something humanity lived with out until 20 years ago is now a human right!

The report continues to suggest it is not satisfactory to disconnect users from the web over copywrite infringement! So all the ISPs / Record Companies threatening to switch off your access can be taken to court as violating your Hunan rights!

This specific declaration confuses me. The web access is not free, so I have to afford this human right? So if I miss use a service I pay for, why can't they disconnect me? I can still go to an Internet cafe or the library! I have not been banned from the web, just the service that pipes it to my living room!

If I live somewhere with no web connectivity, say the depths of Lincolnshire, the middle of Arizona or rural South Africa who is going to provide my web connection? I have a human right to it, so where is my access?

While I am not convinced it is a human right to access the web, I do feel it is a great goal- but I would like to see the worlds population watered and fed first!

AuthorDave Martin