I regularly end up in a discussion that starts with some luddite, "Tablets are never going to take off", today Apple shared some figures that now can shut these fools up! Q4 2011 Apple sold 15.4m iPads, this is more PCs than any manufacture managed to sell in the same time period. More iPads than HP or Dell PCs were sold in Q4 2011.

iOS as a platform now has 315m devices out their in peoples hands!

On 16th March 2012 you can, if your quick, get your hands on a new 3rd generation iPad. As with any release which is an upgrade it is so tempting to start asking "why". The single biggest reason is it will look so damn good! The screen is simply huge resolution - bigger than HD TV. This is going to have to be seen to convince many, but reading text and editing photos with the new iPhoto for iPad will convince most!

The new device has a quad core A5 processor which in the keynote handled some great graphics. As well as super fast graphics it supports 4G. The keynote demonstrated how fast 4G networks are, which only made me depressed! In the UK there is no 4G coverage as yet :(

Instead of a jobs like, "and one more thing", the keynote ended by telling us to watch out, this was just the start for 2012! Is this a sign that the TV by Apple may be coming, as hinted to in the Jobs biography? Or is it suggesting iPhone 5 will be the huge leap it needs to be in order to gain market share back from Android?

AuthorDave Martin