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This site, and a little about me 

This blog gives me somewhere to share, evangelize and complain. All thoughts are my own and do not reflect my employer etc. Typically, but with no restrictions, I will write about product management, technology, entrepreneurship and other stuff that take my fancy. 

I have had great fun in my journey from a software engineer to product management. Since the early days of the Internet I have been involved in exciting products ranging from publishing, classifieds, recruitment tech, e-learning, retail finance, adTech, healthcare and mobile apps. I have lead corporate wide digital initiatives, developed and implemented online strategies, founded companies, lead product for startups, transitioned companies to embrace product management and consulted at middle management to board level. 

Over the years I have been lucky enough to meet fantastic people, learn from really switched on practitioners and learn from my own mistakes! 

I am the luckiest member of my family thanks to my understanding wife and two wonderful daughters, who put up with my techno and MTB obsessions! 

Speaking and writing engagements

I enjoy speaking at events about product and technology, I have been lucky enough to present at many conferences all over the world.  Please do contact me if you think I would add value at your next event. 

Stay connected...