During this last week I have found myself in a couple of phone shops, you know the sort of place Phones4U, Car Phone Warehouse, etc. While in one of these mobile shops pricing up a Blackberry device to buy for testing I over heard the sales staff "helping" a customer. The customer was unsure - "Should I buy an iPhone or should I buy an Android?"

No I bet this is a common question. The sales guy answered straight away, "Oh get Android there are way more apps available, Apple is quite limited." - Now I was not 100% sure if I over heard correctly, perhaps I only caught half the discussion, so I resisted (and it was hard) the urge to interrupt.

After the customer left, I asked the sales guy which had more apps iPhone or Android. He answered, clearly "Oh Android". Now there was no mistake. The guy was confused or just dishonest. So I suggested that he might be wrong and asked if he earned bigger commission on Android? The answer - "YES, I earn a lot more commission for selling the HTC (Android device) than the iPhone, so maybe I do get confused now and then!"

You have guessed it, straight away I decided I should speak with the manager, but to my disappointment the badge this sleezy, money hungry fool was wearing said "Store Manager". So I decided to get my Blackberry device elsewhere.

Perhaps this is a one off, perhaps other shops in the same chain are not crooked. Or maybe it is the culture and training of a high street business which is over saturated and cut throat.

Who said competition was good for the customer!

Today, a friend (none techy) bought a new HTC, from a different town, when I asked why Android the answer "Oh iPhones break and have less apps!"

AuthorDave Martin
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