I HATE the term Social Media. It stinks. For a kick off, the majority of people on social media sites listen instead of talking. If a pub were full of these people it would be the opposite of social.

All social media conferences sell the same message to attending companies - it does not matter if you sell dresses, run a hotel or are trying to hire staff - the message is "Engage". The conference circuit then illustrates an array of examples of how an individual can engage on behalf of their company on social media.

So good social = engage!

Got it. Now lets look at individuals who use social media, I mean normal folk who are not in the industry of the web or selling social media solutions. What engaging do they do?

They tweet or poke, the people they know in person. The people they go to the pub with, the people they have over for dinner. Or they use it to talk to family who are too far away to visit, or to talk to family who live too close to avoid visiting. Or they show off pictures of their last holiday or their kids snotty noses because no-one would ever be willing to sit through a slide show in their living rooms.

The engagement that happens beyond their existing "real" network is voyeurism. They watch what celebs are doing. Why celebs and not Bob from Hackney, because if Bob from Hackney is tweeting his every move, it is boring. Bob's breakfast choice is of no interest, but for our celeb crazed society the breakfast of Lady Gaga is.

So with this in mind, who wants to rush out and buy some glasses that have hidden cameras, so you can share your every move on social media from your perspective - literally. You do, it's just what you have been waiting for? Then here you are http://www.zioneyez.com/ has what you want!

If this is at all a sign for the future of social media, then we MUST rename it to Perverse Media, it's a much better name! It fits really well now!

BTW - the technology from ZionEyez is great, these super spy glasses are cool! 3 hours HD recording from what look like a pair of Ray Bans!

I think ALL surgeons and dentists should wear them during operation, that would solve any malpractice discussions pretty quickly.

Perhaps the police should too, this would help in many brutality cases.

And teachers could always wear them with live streaming, then parents could watch exactly what goes on.

In fact, why not use them in important meetings, it would save ever taking a note again - assuming we are all happy being constantly recorded. The result would be like televising UK Parliament, all meetings would have very well dressed attendees. Fowl language would not be used, and gossip would be eradicated. Off the wall ideas would never be raised! Wow - how boring life could be by being "social"!

I fear positioning this technology at the social media of the future, may be short lived!

AuthorDave Martin
CategoriesGadgets, Social