I just read on mashable about the French broadcasting laws being enforced to ban the mentioning of Twitter of Facebook on TV advertisements.

The argument appears to be that it would be clandestine advertising and would create unfair market for other social networks.

It's a good job a telco is not recognisable by its phone numbers, else they would need to ban phone numbers. Is email ok? Or does it create unfair competition advantage with snail mail?

What about display or in print adverts, are they banned from using a call to action via social networking!

It seems crazy to me!

In the UK the BBC are doing the same thing. They promote a Twitter hashtag for a show eg #HIGNFY but then go on to say you can keep up to date via "social networks". Obviously saying Twitter would be seen as advertising Twitter, against the BBC mantra, but advertising a hashtag is that really any different?

Lets stop the silliness, it does not help the viewers!

AuthorDave Martin
CategoriesMoan, Social