The Apple Mac highlights I found interesting from todays Apple WWDC 2011...  

  • Mac App Store sells more apps than any other retail outlet - wow! So Apple are keeping even more of the money cutting out the retailer and other middle men.
  • The new Mac App Store (not iPhone AppStore) released with OS Lion will include in App Purchases and Push notifications!
  • Loads of OS Lion features like auto save and version control implemented in a really easy way to use.
  • Resume is kind of nice, exit an app and when you return to it, everything is exactly how you left it. If you were highlighting a document then exit, when you go back the text is highlighted still with the document loaded.
  • FaceTime built into the OS, watch out Skype!

Everything was beautiful specially the new OS Lion email client.

Perhaps most interesting, if you want to buy OS Lion for your mac you have to buy it online from Mac App Store. Apple are really focusing on ensuring they handle the entire supply chain and get every penny! They are the hardware manufacture, the software firm, the high street retailer and now the online retailer. But before I moan about this Mac OS Lion will be $29 which is really cheap so some of that middle man savings are being passed on.


AuthorDave Martin