So today is the Apple WWDC, where Steve Jobs, will be on stage probably telling the world again how beautiful the next iPhone will be, and how beautiful the iCloud service will be, and how beautiful iOS5 will be. There will be some other stuff about Mac OS and maybe one of those acquisitions the company has made in the last 2 years might get mentioned such as transparent solar panels or artificial intelligent PA technology.

One thing is for sure, the turtle neck will be on stage and the fans will adore it. But what does todays service in the church of Apple mean to the rest of us. What will Rev Jobs sermon matter to those who do not worship in the church of Apple? (although it is a very clean church with great lines!)

Well for me mobile matters. Apple spearheaded the power play to rid telco companies of the power and provided anyone the opportunity to install an app on a phone (assuming Apple like it).

Since then the biggest thing really to to change was push notifications, this really gives apps a USP to communicate to the user. Buts thats it. iPhone 4 is a great device, fast, cool screen but it did not / could not change the playing field,  iOS 4 has those nice folders, again nothing to get excited about.

What will iPhone 5 bring us, is it ground breaking? Will there be something that developers can innovate around to deliver consumers new and better apps? I do hope so.

If iOS 5 is just an announcement that it is better than Android for some minor reasons then it will be a disappointment. I do not look forward to the mobile battle being small enhances in each release to take the lead. I want big turbo boosters to be lit with each release and great new features to make us all go WOW. I want each release to push either Android or iOS well into the lead. This is what the consumer needs and what developers need so we can deliver new great apps!

The other announcement today is iCloud and wireless Syncing. These  may significantly enhance the iPhone users experience. If iCloud lets users store documents, similar to MobileMe, not just music / media purchased from iTunes, then it could be a massive leap forwards for the iPhone to be tool of choice for business users.

Somehow, I doubt there will be any surprise today, a bit like the UK Royal Wedding a few weeks ago - white dresses and kissing - exactly what everyone expected. If Apple don't shake things  up today, it may be a sign that the mobile device and OS innovation has peaked?

I fear that the mobile landscape is going to remain pretty static now for quite sometime  while the user numbers rapidly grow - I do hope I am wrong.

AuthorDave Martin
CategoriesApple, Mobile