So 40 minutes of Apple Mac chit chat on the WWDC keynote. Now the bit I am really interested in - Apple iOS highlights from WWDC 2011. There were a LOT of changes.

iOS 5 is a HUGE update.

It really does throw both iPhone and iPad forwards a long way. Android and BlackBerry are going to have to work hard. Earlier today I wrote a post hoping that the update would not be a minor as iOS 4, I am very pleased and can not wait to start writing more apps.

The SDK is available TODAY!!! Not that I will try to download it now, it is going to be a busy sever! The full public release will be Autumn or "the Fall". Probably when the iPhone 5 comes out.

Here are my highlights from what was discussed....

  • First up, 200 million iOS devices - WOW that is a lot!
  • Who said iPad was selling slow? They have shifted 25 million of the things in 14 months!
  • US ComScore puts iOS as he leader in April 2011, I have seen conflicting reports of this.
  • But here is the big one - 14 Billion Apps downloaded from App Store!
  • How much have developers made from AppStore? Apple say $2.5 Billion that is a lot of new money in a market that did not really exist 3 years ago!
  • Worldwide there are 225 Million one click buy accounts on AppStore, now theres a market to go after!
  • And iOS has a LOT of new features, 1,500 new API for us coders to learn!
  • New Notification centre, its a bit like BlackBerry Messenger and Android Notifications - really nice.
  • Notification centre is visible when you lock the screen so you can see new incoming Tweets, Facebook messages, SMS, mail etc. It is really nice feature, damn I might have to call it beautiful!
  • A new news / magazine feature call NewsStand - where you can subscribe to magazines etc. This could be bad news for Zino who already offer this - unless I missed an acquisition?
  • Cool, a built in Twitter app, that allows other apps to integrate via it. Really nice and should make it a much better user experience for apps - one click!
  • The Twitter app is integrated to everything from contacts to maps. It really is a BIG update much more so than iOS 4! As a avid Tweeter I want this and the notification centre.
  • Not sure I believe this stat but the say two thirds of all mobile web browsing is from iOS!
  • Safari has a new release with a reading list feature, which is a read it later list of URL. A bit of a copy of instapaper which I currently use.
  • New task list and calendar features, nice it will save me writing everything in EverNote.
  • I really like photography and spend too much money on Nikon stuff, so it is a shock to see iPhone is the most popular camera on Flickr! WOW. AE/AF lock, nice and a button to snap images in landscape.
  • Rich Text Formatting for email, so indentation, and marking emails as read or unread.
  • Fantastic, email flagging or staring, I really miss this and now I can do it! (well when iOS 5 is released anyway)
  • Mail will now let you drag addresses, I keep trying to this naturally thinking it will work.
  • A new built in Dictionary to work with all iOS apps, that cool. I hope you can add words to it!
  • iOS will wireless sync with the PC. No more plugging it in to iTunes!
  • Support of iOS devices without the need to ever plug into a PC. Now iOS devices can provide primary Internet access. This is going to be really big in South Africa and South America! This could make the iPad go mad!
  • 9 months and 50 million game centre users! This is 20 million more than XBox live!
  • Game centre will now let people buy games and chat more etc.
  • The current message app on iPhone is going to all iOS devices, so iTouch and iPad will have it. You will be able to send to iOS devices text, photos, video, contacts and do group messages. This is a direct gunning for BlackBerry Messenger which is a USP keeping sales high with college students and markets where text is very expensive such as South Africa. The messages are sent over WiFi or 3G. The carriers are going to hate this, their highly priced SMS fees are on the way out!
  • iPad Mirroring, cool the entire screen no matter what you are doing on your TV. They call it AirPlay so it might use Apple TV - I could play Angry Birds on my 46" Plasma - life is complete!
  • Finally some new developer tools!
AuthorDave Martin