I have had my Apple iPad (v1) since day of release. I like the device but struggle to justify buying iPad 2. The problem is what do you use it for? Here's how I use my iPad:

  • I browse the web on the sofa, when I am too lazy to get my laptop or sit at my pc.
  • I watch video on planes and trains
  • I take notes in meetings using EverNote
  • I have presented off it using key note
  • I read news using flipboard
  • ... I play with 5 min apps now and then.

My problem is, I am very happy using my iPhone. For a start it is always in my pocket. I don't often really need that bigger screen!

Now I wouldn't get rid of my iPad, but I don't push the technology to its limit. I don't need it to be faster, it's not slow. I don't need it thinner, it's not thick or heavy. So apart from the fact it is new and shiny why should I buy iPad 2?

The gadget freak in me wants one, can anyone justify it for me?

If I hadnt got iPad 1 then I would buy one straight away!

Can anyone give me a good reason to buy a new one?

AuthorDave Martin