I was just buying a book for my Kindle. The process went like this... 1. Read a tweet about a new book. (social sharing)

2. Searched for book on Google (research)

3. Clicked to Amazon (found a retailer)

4. Clicked Buy Book and Deliver to my Kindle. (checkout)

5. Done - nice little thank you message and other things I might want to buy. (complete)

So the process was socially someone shared their purchase, I found a store that sold it and purchased it. The latter part buying the book was simple one click.

Clearly if I had not ended up at Amazon, my one click buy journey would have been longer, I would have need to fill in forms and enter payment details.

Amazon sell SO much it makes it SO easy.

So what about recruitment, if a candidate could apply for jobs in any company with one click wouldn't that be "swell" (for the candidate - a few recruiters may not agree).

Wouldn't it be great if the candidate did not have to fill in the same information all over the web and upload their CV time and time again. Online recruitment may be simpler than posting a CV via snail mail, but in the last 15 years it has developed into a HUGE mess for the job seeker.

A few companies have tried to resolve this problem in the past - but they were before their time, and they focused on the value they would have with all the CVs instead of the value to the job seeker.

In todays web and mobile landscape a standard authentication process is seriously required, I want to one click everywhere not just Amazon and for everything!

Maybe LinkedIn will help with this issue in recruitment, they have announced an "Apply With LinkedIn" plugin, if this takes off we could be getting further away from todays fragmented, disruptive and confusing online recruitment experience. Or it could just be another failed attempt and make matters worse!

AuthorDave Martin