Below pictures of new iOS 5 inbuilt apps and features. But some of them are a risk that could destroy existing businesses and start ups. I understand this can not be avoided if Apple is going to take over the world, and by the look of the iOS apps I really like what I see as a user. But lets just hold our head in memory of those that are about to be sacrificed ! [gallery]

There are some Killer Apps. I mean some apps that are going to kill off other companies that exist today....

1. News Stand will kill off Zino

This offers a huge array of publisher, one click purchase, background downloading - it is pretty cool. But it is going to destroy Zino an existing app and company leading the way in online digital publishing.

2. Safari Reader will damage online Advertising

The new feature analyses the webpage and extracts the article text and images. It then even goes to page 2 and 3 if it is a multiple page article. The end result a nice clean article to read inside the web browser. Really cool for the user, really great on iPhone. But, not so great for the company that paid to create the content and wants its return based on showing you advertising around the text - the adverts were just thrown away!

3. Safari Reading List is a threat to InstaPaper and Read it Later etc...

This feature lets you create lists of things to read later. The list syncs between safari on a mac / PC / iPhone /iTouch and iPad. Really cool, but not for InstaPaper whos service will loose many subscribers.

4. Twitter Single Sign On

I love this idea, and can not wait! But I imagine a great number of iOS twitter clients just had their day!

5. iMessage

This is nice, I can message video, pictures, text just like I do on my iPhone using MMS / SMS but now it works over WiFi or 3G, cool so now we can message devices that have no SIM card. Supported on iTouch and iPad. But arent there already a load of apps that do this? Afraid so, bye bye!

How does all this stack up against Blackberry and Android?

Well iMessage mixed with the new Notification Centre is a very cool hybrid of the features on Blackberry Messenger and Android Notifications. Apart from the open source aspect on Android, this new release has all angles covered and significantly leaps forwards against the competition, removing nearly all their USPs.

Finally, and for another post, iCloud - this is big, this tackles Google head on - lets see if it works.

Well if your a developer you can get all this NOW, everyone else, wait until Autumn / the Fall.

AuthorDave Martin
CategoriesApple, Mobile