If you dont know, iOS 5 (the next operating system release for iPhone and iPad) is now in beta. We have it installed in my office and we are liking it. The Twitter integration is similar to Twitter Connect, but baked right into the OS. In the setting screen on your phone you input your Twitter User Name and Password. See screen shot above.

When an application wants to use Twitter today the app will go to the old school oAuth screen on Twitter.com, asks for your user name and password, logs you in, and then shows you a green and red button, one to authorise the app to use your twitter account one to not.

In iOS5 when the iPhone already has the account details, so just an Approve or Decline is required. The entire process is faster, streamlined and built into the iPhone so all apps will have the same Twitter integration experience.

In addition to iOS 5 includes new Objective C APIs which wrap various Twitter API giving the iPhone developer an easier route to integrating with Twitter.

So, is there any reason why all iPhone apps should not upgrade to this new iOS Twitter process? 

From what I understand, at this very early stage, Twitter will not allow this authentication mode to send or receive Direct Messages, but many apps don't need Direct Message. Most apps want to simply make it easier for users to share and to engage.

As such I expect the iOS Twitter integration to be consumed by most new apps, and many old ones re-released.

My company Allthetopbananas.com will use it as standard ASAP for the iPhone solutions we provide.

AuthorDave Martin