This last week (and today) I have my head down in code. I am working on a new app for one of my companies clients. Its a mobile app on the Blackberry platform. As soon as I say that, I hear moans and groans from all those who have adopted Android or iPhone, and cheers from those who enjoy their Blackberry. For many (not just geeks) their phone choice is almost religious. Fans are pretty protective of their choice of which block of plastic and silicon to carry about in their pockets is the best and only choice there is!

So with such extremists in every device camp you can think of, we get fantastic innovation. Now the App is out of the bag and the mass market of developers can create apps for mobiles we see amazing new products each week, even each day! And it is not just fellow geeks driving product innovation, its management, marketing, HR, etc - all disciplines in business.  This extremist view frequently overcomes all sensible business decisions and drives individuals to make choices lead by their belief in their choice in mobile device. I could be wrong, but it feels like this is the first time technology religion has broken the underground world of geeks and become main stream! Even Xbox vs PS3 is not so fierce!

So what is all this interest from every discipline bringing the world?

Its bringing horizontal innovation, lots of it, and it is great!

For example:

  • Mobile wallets - pay with your phone not with a credit card - see what Starbucks are doing or pay with your iPhone via the Pizza Express App.
  • Mobile maps and GPS -  no more TomTom.
  • Mobile video - so much so that Cisco has dropped the manufacturing of it Flip Cam.
  • Mobile games, if you have not seen Angry Birds you must have been on a different planet! This game now has merchandise and rumours of  a film on the way!
  • Mobile shopping - ranging from eBay bidding to scanning used cartons as you throw them in the bin so they automatically get added to your online weekly Tesco delivery.
  • Mobile news - video, specialist, worldwide.
  • Mobile recruitment - learn about leading employers via an App such as PepsiCo or Nestle or search job boards like Monster or CV Library.
  • Mobile Social - take your pick of Twitter and Facebook apps.
  • Mobile Learning - there is some great apps for kids, of all ages.
  • Mobile Media - Books, Film, Music you can get the lot.
  • Mobile everything - the Apple AppStore has over 450,000 apps, that is a lot of choice covering many topics and areas.

The app space has boomed in just 3 years from zero to everything - that is a LOT faster than the www developed. We are now living in an age where, finally, technology is close to easy, it is nearly accessible to all. Thanks to fans of mobile phones, continued competition between the platforms and an ever growing user base, the development is only going to get faster and better!

Mobile is Exciting, the space is developing really quickly and the change is constant. There is no room for standing still, the pace is sprinting all the time.

I am lucky to work in this sector.

AuthorDave Martin