Yesterday I had a film day, I watched True Grit and Million Dollar Baby. One is a western focusing on a 14 year old on the pursuit of a murderous killer and the other is about a 30 something woman wanting to be a boxing champ. But both reminded me of entrepreneurship. They both show individuals with incredible determination and "grit". From the start both characters have doubters who believe they are foolish and can not reach their objective. But neither are put off, even in the face of laughter or direct instruction to stop.

Then there is challenges faced throughout the journey. Some fearsome, like a vicious fire fight, some emotional and others painful. But they remain focused and determined. Both characters are single minded, they will change their route alter their tactics but only to achieve their personal goals.

When things appear lost, like in True Grit when the trail of the killer is cold, they keep their head held high and carry on doing what they do, they do not forget their goal. They keep their eyes open for new potential to continue their journey.

Both films end with the characters feeling successful and satisfied with there journey, even though one looses an arm and the other become paralyzed. They achieved their goals.

Now I do hope entrepreneurship does not end quite so tragically, but I do hope all entrepreneurs achieve their goals and reach success measures by their individual and personal metrics.

AuthorDave Martin
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