Yesterday was my second time getting involved with Steve Boese and his great web radio show HR Happy Hour. Last night it was a Europe edition, sponsored by JobSite. I joined in because Matthew Jeffery suggested to me it would be a good debate. Discussion was around the concept of Recruitment 3.0 documented by Matt and Amy from AutoDesk.

At it's core the concept is driving a change to recruitment thinking. It is pushing companies to actively market their employer brand.

Cost effective marketing tactics are immediately thought of, surround online mediums such as social networking and mobile web, but it could extend wider to more traditional marketing media and PR.

The first phase goal of Rec 3.0 is to build a community and engage with it. But instead of focus being just active jobseekers the community is folk interested in what the company does or more accurately what the community offers.

Why care about people not currently applying for jobs? Simples... active candidates are the smaller percentage of talent, they won't get missed out, and job boards are full of them, but the passive 90% of talent is where the competitive edge sit. Engaging with talent and them deciding they want to work with your company will deliver fantastic staff and impact the bottom line.

The real key to the Rec 3.0 strategy which I feel needs discussion and could easily fill an entire hour show on HR Happy Hour is, "What is the content that attracts and retains the community?".

Job opportunities are not the answer.

AuthorDave Martin