When I recently announced my exit from my previous company it was met with hundreds of tweets and mails asking me "What Next?". I was also honoured that quite a few wonderful industry players recommended me on LinkedIn. Thank you to the many people who have offered me their best wishes and support! The next chapter for me is working with a really great team at BraveNewTalent to empower companies and individuals through community and learning. This game changing company is taking the recruitment industry a leap forwards to realise true value from both social media and mobile

During the last decade  we saw recruitment advertising spend decline rapidly from newspapers to online job boards. Due to the transactional hire cost effectiveness of online advertising the impact has nearly halved the total UK recruitment advertising spend.

An individual job advert in the UK is lost among c500,000 adverts and employer brand is typically stripped from job board search results. Worse still the impact of leaving newspaper media has lead to a dramatic decrease in exposure to "passive" candidates. As consumer behaviour moves online the likelihood of a news reader or car buyer flicking through the job advert pages and getting attracted to a well designed job advert has gone! The web is ironically terrible at delivering a browse experience, instead it is search. Twitter's explosion on to the web illustrates our desire to browse and connect.

How was recruitment handled prior to our nation being over run with media? It was word of mouth within small local communities where reputation counted for a lot. The next decade will see the digital information age equivalent, it won't be local or small but it will be community lead recruitment.

Never before have individuals been so connected as today, the mainstream social networks have changed how rapidly and widespread we communicate for ever!

Couple the continuos worldwide growth of the Internet with mobile smartphones which today provide always on connectivity to over 400m users and the outcome is ripe for community participation on a new and fascinating scale!

The impact of talent communities is changing the recruitment industry, before this decade is out, online community driven recruitment will be the primary source for recruiters. The job board will still exist, but as with newsprint the bulk of advertisement may well have been significantly eroded. The speed of change will be faster than it was with newsprint given the existing infrastructure. Today's landscape is rapidly changing at a wonderful pace.

This game changing community lead vision is taking the recruitment industry a huge leap forwards to realise true value from both social media and mobile. Where executed correctly the individual will see a true value from the community and companies will be exposed to passive and active jobseekers.

Working with a really great team at BraveNewTalent, in my new role as Head of Mobile and Product Strategy, we will empower companies and individuals through community and learning. There will be continued excitement and massive industry shaking innovation.

The Brave New Talent vision and product is key in shaping the future of online talent acquisition across the world.

I am very pleased to be part of the future, it going to be a thrilling ride!

AuthorDave Martin