For nearly 3 years I have been helping online recruitment companies think about mobile. First I worked with some major job boards such as, then I helped out some UK recruitment agencies, next I innovated with global leading corporate brands helping them extend their reach onto mobile. So what have I learned from all this? I am speaking on mobile recruiting strategy for Mike Taylor at his event in November Mobile & Video in Recruitment. To prepare for this, and share my experience generally I am authoring a mobile recruitment strategy white paper. This document will convert my learnings and experience into an easy to follow guide to developing your mobile recruiting strategy. On the journey to finalising the white paper I will be drip feeding some of the thoughts in my blog and would very much appreciate your comments. To give you an idea of schedule, by 30th September I shall release an info-graphic on the topic, by November 17th I will release the white paper on mobile recruiting.

The challenges surrounding mobile recruiting are typical of any media and technology change. The key obstacle for many being the word change! Discussing the topic of Internet migration to mobile with CEOs of job board and Talent Acquisition Directors of corporate firms reminds me of the discussions I had with newspaper MDs, Editors and CEOs in the early part of 2000. The journey of discovery goes a bit like this..

  1. "Why would anyone want this new thing"
  2. "So some people are using it, its all hype, it wont catch on"
  3. "So it is catching on, but its a fad, it won't hang about"
  4. "It looks like it might stay, but no one is going to do anything serious with it"
  5. "Do you think we should start using it"
  6. "This new thing should be our core - people love it!'

The decision makes around the world get from position 1 to 6 in different times, typically dictated by the culture of their company. Print media is an old culture, decision makers typically had 20 years in the industry. That allowed disruptive players like or to swoop in and change the job advertising market. Today 99% of all job applications arrive by email, when 20 years ago it was none.

Mobile is intrinsically linked to social media coupled with the app culture. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have grown rapidly and mobile Internet had a serious impact. Facebook states there are more than 250m Facebook mobile users, it also says its mobile users are more than twice as active as none mobile users. Twitter stated in Jan 2011 that 40% of all tweets were sent from a mobile phone! If you consider how many tweets are automated from a desktop, or from feedburner type services, this figure is a very big proportion of hand made tweets!

As social recruiting and mobile recruiting gain traction, will the job boards recognise the change? Or as most have up to now, will they act like the newspapers did and almost ignore the disruptive element that is growing fast. I know, have an app, TotalJobs have a mobile web page that's brilliant!

But typically how much money, time and effort is invested in mobile compared to the effort that leading job boards invest in their home page design? I am pretty sure that for most just one page on their websites receives more attention that the entire Mobile Strategy!

Is it a problem for online recruitment providers who are just paying mobile lip service? I think it is possibly the start of their inevitable down fall as a new dynamic evolving online recruitment paragym starts to take grip - mobile & social.

AuthorDave Martin