Social and mobile web are completely entangled. I was reminded of this recently when a non techie friend showed off their new Samsung Android device. They had owned it for a week or so. I had a browse through the apps - there were none! Only default apps. I asked "why no apps?", the answer was he had no idea how to download or set them up and was concerned it may chew up his data plan costing lots of money. This is not an unusual story, it seems to me that Android consumers who are not tech folk find the lack of guidance and instructions an obstacle. Very different to the user journey on iPhone which entices app download.

After introducing Market Place guess what the first app was my friend downloaded? Facebook.

Recent data shows that a very small number of Android apps represent a huge percent of all used apps. Social network apps are used the most.

If you go to Facebook and check out their published stats they claim 250m active mobile users and say the mobile user is twice as active!

So what about you? Assuming you have a smartphone, do you use social media apps?

So lets say we are agreed that Mocial (Mobile Social) does exist. Social network interaction is coupled with mobile web.

How does Mocial impact your social recruiting strategy?

How does Mocial impact your job advert call to actions?

After reading this go and check out the Mocial experience of your candidates or that of your competitors candidates. Click on a link your Recruiters tweeted or posted to Facebook from your smartphone. I will guess that for 98% of you the experience was somewhat disappointing.

How much Talent are you loosing out on? From reviewing various stats I would suggest you are loosing 40% of your social audience conversion from reader to clicker!

I have written about this before but here I am again. The message is online is going mobile. Get with the times and start communicating with your customers over mobile web.

If you have obstacles or challenges, please share them with me. I am currently writing a mobile recruiting strategy guide and your views will help.

AuthorDave Martin