Back in May 2011 Google announced that Android apps would reach the TV via the not so popular Google TV. Well here in the UK it feels like summer is over, so where are the apps Google? This week Google released a preview plugin to the Android SDK which enables apps to target Google TV.

I have always been uncertain of how successful Google will be with this product, the well engineered design principles implemented on their search engine is not the entertaining 10 foot experience I expect on my telly. The user experience of Android has improved a great deal since release, but many experts still put the UX second to iPhone.

I do hope the Android developers listen to Google and read their UI guidelines and actually test their apps on actual hardware.

Personally, I would like to see Android apps supported on PS3, I already use mine to watch BBC iPlayer, and it's a great DVD / Blu Ray, so why not throw in apps to!

AuthorDave Martin