The last few weeks have been packed with releases, acquisitions and rumours in the mobile industry. From now on I am going to publish a fortnightly post to summarise events in the mobile space in one blog post. This will keep you up to date. Nvidia hopes that cheap mobile chip sales will boom, the chips maker well known for graphics chips is forecasting continued revenue growth thanks to their Tegra smartphone processor. The company has developed revenues to $1.02bn and improved on a loss in Q2 2010 of $175m to a profit in Q2 2011 of $174m. The Tegra powers both the Samsung Galaxy and the Motorola Droid X2. Nvidia are not sitting ideal as they already have a quad core mobiel processor on the way currently code named Kal-El.

Blackberry Colt leaked, revealing RIM's holy grail their QNX operating system. RIM have been seriously losing market share to iPhone and Google over the last 24 months. The companies saviour is their new QNX OS, but I am far from convinced and expect it to be remembered as a myth. Firstly the leaked device is single core - which by todays standards set by HTC, Samsung, Motorola and Apple is lame. Secondly a heap of RIM's USPs such as BES is rumoured to not be ready for launch of the Colt! Why? The answer suggested all over the web is that it has taken RIM much longer to re-write their BES services on QNX than RIM expected! This does not sound good for Blackberry developers. However, what does sound very good is rumours that the Colt and other QXN devices will soon support Android based applications! This is great! Why don't RIM drop the OS, adopt Android and focus their attention on wonderful Android OS Apps and enterprise integration?

Windows Phone 7, Mango Update has been announced to be with us on September 1st, so only a few days to wait. The Mango update is big news for Microsoft Windows Phone 7 developers as it introduces over 500 new or improved features. Perhaps one of the most interesting updates is mobile IE 9 which is included with Mango, this will provide better HTML5 support. (I wonder if the EU will force MS to give users a choice of their mobile browser?) The update also adds Twitter and LinkedIn integrated services.   The question is all about timing, will Mango make an impression before the media is obsessed with iPhone 5? Nokia is rumoured to release its flagship Windows Phone device in October at the Nokia World Conference. I expect Windows Phone 7 to erode some of RIM's market share which is on a continued downwards trend.

USA Adults Like QR Codes according to ComScore's report 14m US adults used a QR code in June! Magazines and Newspapers represented nearly 50% of all the QR scanning which is interesting when we read various reports telling us Newspapers are dead?

Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS leaked, so we can all take a look at the new Android smartphone OS screens and compare them to current Android screens and to iOS5? As well as an improved look there is apparently panorama mode fo the camera, and an app launcher.  I am sure there is more than that, but I will wait for Google to tell us instead of boosting any incorrect rumours! Check out the screenshots over at Mashable

And now for a big ones!

Google buys Motorola, for $12.5bn! The purchase includes over 17,000 patents as well the manufacturing capabilities to output nearly 7m devices a quarter. Check out what Larry Page blogged. This is a big deal, and the city did not react kindly resulting in Googles stock dropping immediately. The risk is focused on how Samsung or HTC may react, how will they feel about supporting Android OS which is also now the third largest manuafacture of handsets?

Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple, the share price wobbled and the fans showed their love, but Steve Jobs is no longer CEO of Apple for the second time round. Steve was previously fired by the board, after which he went to start pixar. He then swooped back to Apple when they were on a collision course for bankruptcy to then lead Apple to become second largest company in the world. Steve Jobs resigning is not only interesting for Apple but it really is the end of a computing leadership era. I wrote about it here.

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Well thats it the juicy bits of mobile that should keep anyone in mobile recruiting up to date!

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