TRU events ran by @BillBoorman are two days of creative discussion. The loose agenda results in everyone learning.

So what was my take away from TruLondon day one?

Google + is a great sourcing tool, but not for the lazy! The bio data on people is rich and many people not in LinkedIn have adopted Google +. Technical staff have always avoided LinkedIn, viewing it as something for suited business people. The downside that delivers the harder work is contacting these individuals, cross referencing and finding them in CV databases or Twitter delivers a result.

The buzz word of the day was Talent Community. With Matt Jeffery (AutoDesk), Lucian Tarnowski (BraveNewTalent) and Lisa Scales (TribePad) leading discussions around community that attracted a lot of people and debate.

The opportunity of talent communities to deliver a recruitment pipeline was not argued. The impact of it's success on other recruitment channels was a focus.

But the most obvious conclusion is many recruiters need a simple "How to" guide. The leaders understand both the concepts and the implementation which can result in high level complex conversation. Companies need a simple step by step guide to build and use communities to deliver true ROI from using social media.

The lasting quote that stuck with me was around debate of "bothering" with social media... "Does your company have a Telephone? Do you have a complex phone strategy? Do you have complex phone policies? Would you remove all your phones?

Social media is a channel just as is your phone"

I don't know who said it - but great example!

Finally the discussion came about a few times about internal plc Recruiters and outsourcing to an RPO, Kevin Wheeler illustrated his expectation that we will see greater use of outsource. While there did not appear to be a clear view on the topic I think it's worth highlighting it won't change recruitment strategy! It may change quality if implementation. The techniques and approaches will remain the same just those doing it will work for someone else!

I am looking forward to Day 2 and should be leading a track on Mobile.

(written on iPhone - sorry for typos)

AuthorDave Martin