It is only 23 days before mRecruitingCamp, the worlds first dedicated mobile recruitment conference. While this event is exciting milestone and has a great line up of keynote speakers I wonder about the hunger in HR / Recruitment to embrace mobile. I could launch into a battery of common sense reasons as to why companies must extend their online recruitment strategy to the mobile Internet. Instead I am going to answer the question with quantifiable data.

So what data is available to illustrate hunger for mobile recruiting?

Starting with the employer I am reviewing their careers website by visiting from mobile devices. What happens? Is there a mobile optimised site. It will only count if I am automatically redirected, there little point providing a mSite that no one can find! Or if the desktop site has suitable HTML and CSS to render mobile optimised.

Next if the mobile version exists can a user actually view jobs?

Next if there is a mobile optimised site how has the apply process been optimised? The typical desktop process involves large amounts of data entry and the uploading of a resume / cv, which is a tall order off an iPhone!

Finally if there is a mobile optimised site is it in mobile Google?

The findings of this review will be compared to recent survey results questioning the HR / Recruitment industry of current perception of their mobile offerings and intent to focus in this space.

Finally, these results will be compared to the consumers focus on mobile by looking at growth in mobile usage.

If you have any input to the method please comment, the hard work is just about to start

What do you expect this to illustrate?

Well you should expect a beautiful mobile recruiting infographic to be released at the mRecruitingCamp on 30th September in San Francisco. Read about mRecruitingCamp here and use the promo code mobile_dave to get 20% off your ticket. I look forward to seeing you there.

I expect the results will conclude a mild warm feeling from the industry towards mobile channels, which is the opposite of consumer product marketing. I guess HR / Recruiting decision makers currently treat this with a tick box approach and fail to pass go. The recruitment industry will be polarised compared to the mobile market consumption.

I can't wait to see the results. There will be various reports on the data published on this blog, just register for updates and you will receive them via email.

AuthorDave Martin