Welcome to issue two of my mobile round up to keep you up to date with the developments in this fast paced industry. Motorola Droid Bionic Launched

It is the latest 4G Android smartphone from Motorola, who are currently under acquisition bid from Google. The device is 3 months late but early reviews suggest it is indeed worth the wait. A huge 4.3" screen, a great camera, 1GB of RAM and a dual core 1 GHz CPU!

What do all these numbers mean? They mean it is fast, works well, look great and doubles up as a point and shoot camera. But perhaps most importantly it is available on Verizon in the states for $299 which is a very competitive price point.

Android smartphone on AT&T in the US for $29.99

Source from Huawei who ship a high volume of devices to the emerging markets the "Impulse" delivers an Android device for upto $570 cheaper than iPhone. While it does not compete with the performance or build quality of an iPhone is deos provide a very affordable mobile Internet connection.

At this kind of price point, as witnessed in emerging markets around the globe, the smartphone will become the primary Internet connection for many people.

The more we see  devices drop in price the bigger the acceleration is mobile adoption! 2013 is predicted as the year Mobile Internet overtakes desktop web, if accessibility improves specifically around price point that date may be even quicker!

Apple is going to overtake Nokia

According to a report by Digitimes Research Apple will overtake Nokia in smartphone shipment this year (2011). They are forecast to ship 86.4 million iPhones. Last year Nokia shipped over 100 million units, but this is forecast to drop to 74m units.

Nokia are on a downwards trends, will the Microsoft injection of $10bn and a new OS help them in 2012?

Dell adopt Baidu for their tablets and smartphones

Baidu is a Android based OS and growing in strength in China. The partnership is currently for Dells China strategy, it is unclear if this will be deployed globally. The adoption of Baidu will give the Dell devices many give them a differentiator over other Android devices but will it provide a competitive edge?

Will the US mobile carriers merge or not?

Sprint is trying to block the proposed AT&T buy out of T-Mobile US. The proposed bid is $39 billion which would produce a considerable threat to Sprint.

IBM pushing mobile apps to enterprise networking 

IBM launched three apps across iOS, Android and BlackBerry to mobilize their social networking solutions. Their "Connections" customers can now enjoy employee data, wikis, videos and photos on the from their smartphones.

The enterprise is embracing mobile internally for enhanced communications which I applaud and look forward to testing. I really hope this trend extends to external focus for companies consumers and potential hires.

Amazon plan enters the tablet market 

Amazon are launching an iPad competitor which is expected to do very well . Predictions suggest up to 5 million sales between launch in October and end of December. The retail will be considerably cheaper than iPad at an expected price point of $299. The Amazon tablet will run Android.


AuthorDave Martin