It's all well and good people like me shouting from the roof tops, "Ignore mobile at your peril" and it's fine and dandy to promote booming mobile consumer figures but what's the point! I am counting down the days to mRecruitingCamp, the first mobile recruiting conference, but why is this so important?

It is the beginning of the recruitment industry lifting it's head and noticing that the core of organisations are already maximising mobile! The opportunity to maximise the recruitment potential of Mobile web and obtain competitive edge and cost saving advantages is now. Within 18 months mobile web will become a bigger audience play than desktop.

Mobile Internet is growing rapidly, companies specially in the US are delivering return for their core business via mobile web. The core business function has seen an opportunity and markets, or sells or services product via mobi websites and native mobile apps.

Recent research suggests around 60% of big US firms have an iPhone App aimed at consumers of their core business! These firms are cashing in on the growing market on mobile Internet users. They are extending their services for existing users capturing more screen time while being discovered by new users.

But what's the story in Recruitment? It's a bleak story, marketing and sales are seizing an opportunity while talent acquisition is not.

Why not? Is it too expensive? Does this channel work for banks and retail but not recruitment?

Checking out the major job boards in both US and UK shows over 60% mobile adoption. Talking to some of the marketing directors reveals significant traffic via mobile - they would not switch it off! So it is a suitable channel for recruitment!

Now I know very well that price is not the obstacle, implementing a strategy can be very cost effective. There is a range of options cheaper than the agency cost for one lower management hire!

I can only conclude it is knowledge. The channel is being prioritised very low.

So please, get educated about this topic. Put a mobile strategy in place and stop ignoring the millions of potential candidates.

As a mobile recruiting advocate I am keen to support the industry.

I am working on an infographic to illustrate the size of the delta between market and recruitment adoption. This will be released at mRecruitingCamp in San Francisco on 30th September.

I can help to access mRecruitingCamp with a 20% discount to the event thanks to the generous organisers! Just use the promo code mobile_dave.

To help out further, ready for my talk at the UKs Mobile and Video in Recruitment event I am authoring a mobile recruiting strategy playbook.

If I can help out or you would just like to connect contact me on Twitter @Mobile_dave

AuthorDave Martin