Its been a few weeks since the mRecruitingCamp in San Francisco which illustrated the increasing focus and awareness within the recruiting industry that mobile matters. Among perhaps the biggest message was your potential talent is already engaging with you on mobile but are failing to make that experience pleasant!

Immediately I can you cry out "No we are not! We have no mobile initiatives!". Well you are right there, you probably have no mobile strategy, but you are doing any of the following?

  • Emailing jobs to talent
  • Emailing links to talent
  • Tweeting links to jobs
  • Posting links on Facebook

If you are doing any the above your potential hires are now engaging with you via mobile! Twitter state 40% of all Twitter activity is via mobile, Facebook have 320m active mobile users who are twice as active compared to their desktop visitors and how many people read email on their smartphone?

Do you know what the experience is for your talent when they click on a link you sent them from their mobile device? Having reviewed the fortune 100 I can probably tell you what the experience is, and it is not nice!

The US recruitiment industry are now becoming aware of mobile, how aware is the UK and Europe?

I will be speaking at the Mobile and Video in Recruitment conference in London on 17th Novemeber 2011, it is the events second year. I am looking forwards to being able to compare the industries plans and activity compared to the US.

This is the ONLY european event covering mobile recruiting, their will be some great learnings and attendees should enjoy some good take aways. See you there.

AuthorDave Martin