This post continues my focus on best practice and good guidelines to deliver delightful mobile websites and mobile apps. One major difference between mobile and desktop web is interactivity. There is no mobile mouse, the days of a stylus are behind us. When Steve Jobs re-joined Apple one criticism he made of the Newton before killing the product was the stylus, he is quoted as saying "We don't need a stylus when God gave us ten of them!".

So your mobile design must be finger friendly. I have quite big hands, with chubby fingers, I need a mobile interface with links and buttons that my fingers can easily tap.

To achieve this you must not place buttons and links close together, it makes it too hard to tap the right one.

Perhaps the toughest UI element to tap is the checkbox. So when you do use it make sure there is plenty of space around it, ensure that the text is clickable as well.

Remember that when the user is tapping an element their hand is over the screen so avoid putting prompts for buttons etc that may be hidden by my hand.

The result of being finger friendly will be a simpler looking design.

Being finger friendly is not difficult, hence the short blog post. But many mobile sites completely forget about it!

AuthorDave Martin