Adobe have killed mobile flash, so what! Who really cares?

Obviously it's made huge news with the main focus being that Steve Jobs publicly slated mobile flash and refused to allow it onto his iPhone. The Apple fan boys are cockahoop that their leader continues to be 'right' even from the grave.

This news is zero impact to over 150m iOS users. The iOS user did not have flash prior to this news and won't have it after this news. How does it affect Blackberry and Android users?

In the main it probably has zero impact to most users! All the big sites of the world Eg Facebook, EBay, BBC, etc function extremely well on iPhone sans flash so they can support users on Android without flash.

It is slightly different for the majority of Blackberry users, most are not lucky enough to get css3 support. I can not imagine that flash is top of their wish list! A BB user would get more benefit from stronger web standards support.

So I repeat, so what, who cares?

The non iPad tablet market cares. Android tablets have a unique selling feature that Flash website and Flash games work on the devices, unlike iPad.

But there is someone who cares even more and that's RIM. Focusing on their new OS QNX which powers their Playbook and will power the future Blackberry phones was betting on mobile Flash. RIM promoted to developers that they could create super apps for the Playbook via Adobe Flash! For the Playbook, Flash is more than a selling point against the iPad, it was a content strategy.

The Playbook sales have been far below expectations. I believe they would be better off killing it quickly and burying the Playbook. But instead, showing determination, and probably believing they are "on to a winner", or perhaps desperately hoping for a winner, RIM are committing to continue support for Flash mobile. You can read RIMs official thoughts on their blog. This seems crazy! Flash use on websites is rapidly decreasing, HTML5 and CSS3 is maturing so some other technology must move out of the way, Flash is loosing. RIM will be sitting there in a few years with a product no one is buying and expensive software rights that no one is curating content for.

AuthorDave Martin
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