I am sitting at the Mobile and Video in Recruitment conference. Before saying anything congrats to Mike Taylor for setting up a great event. I was honoured to be invited to speak for the second year in a row, I wonder if I can do the hat trick next year?

So what is there to share from this event? What are the top 4 lessons and tips for you to take away?

1. The job seeker is already on mobile web. The overall attitude from the audience this year is aligned that mobile matter. This is a contrast to last years attitudes. The challenge now is understanding how to make it work for recruitment. Potential Park were able to share wonderful research from thousands of students which illustrated 88% of job seekers are or want to search for jobs on mobile.

2. ComScore provided great data and reminded us that Mobile Internet is not just Apple iPhone. Depending which cut of the data you read Android is ahead of iOS. The "real" feeling was well put in the Meeker report that it is a two horse race. ComScore also reminded us of the power of SMS and number of devices that are SMS capable.

3. Social and Mobile are handcuffed together. Autodesk illustrated a preview to their app which was heavy in social media. Facebook gets 33% of all its traffic from mobile and Twitter gets 55% of all its content from mobile web. Any strategy using social must support mobile.

4. Top most wanted features by a jobseeker according to Potential Park is Job Search, then Job Alerts. A surprising result was the third most wanted feature by jobseekers is the ability to track their application.

Mobile in recruitment is still young. It needs to be planned and strategically aligned with clear objectives. Even those that appear to be doing mobile well are failing at the basics. One example is where a careers url was pushed via SMS to job seekers, which was great, until you clicked on the url and discovered it goes to the companies mobile site which sells screws with no career information.

Consider the basics, think about who clicks your links and on what device. A simple mobile website could significantly increase the return from your social efforts.

AuthorDave Martin