Over the festive period I purchased a new phone to carry about everyday. My needs are simple, email, social network access, Skype, Yammer if possible, a good chess game, an alarm clock, a note taking app (ideally Evernote), a good camera and a fast browser. I guess  would like to make calls and send text messages too.

My desires for a new phone was change, something different, I have carried an iPhone for too long but the replacement had to be slick and look great so I ruled out a Blackberry straight away as it does not do it for me! The latest ice cream sandwich Android versions look great and the HTC and Samsung devices are nice to hold and do everything I need. For me the Android OS now looks great, but many of the apps I looked at still felt clunky and unfortunately the apps are really where my usage will be. Few apps appear to make best use of the bigger screen or the high resolution, this is a result of so many different Android device form factors. I have other Android devices, but always carried the iPhone, so until the Android apps get better, I rules out Android. A shame because some of the Google innovation is great.

It was looking hopeless, it felt that fate would force me to buy the iPhone 4S. But in the shape of a curved blue bound device came hope for change. The Nokia Lumia 800. The device feels really great to hold, it's very well made. It is running the latest Windows Phone 7 which feels slick and easy to use. All my favourite apps are available on Windows Phone 7 and new ones I looked at felt great and well designed. The camera takes good photos, and the phone quality is great. The CPU etc are slower than others' but the apps I tested seemed to work well.

So for a week prior to my contract upgrade date I felt decided, I would go back to Nokia. The memories of my old Nokia 3110 and all those that followed that first one made the decision feel nostalgic.

Then upgrade day came, as I walked to the shop, I remembered I had not used mobile Internet Explorer since owning a Compaq iPaq about 10 years ago. I could not recall the last time I used IE on a computer. Did I really want to return to IE?

Some research quickly (via my iPhone) showed that IE on the Nokia was slow, it's JavaScript benchmarks were about four times slower than iPhone 4S. This was a disaster, I use mobile web all the time. So on arrival to the shop I tested a few websites out and compared to the 4S. The result was a huge disappointment. A browse of MS marketplace showed no suitable alternative browser that may be quicker. The performance may well be impacted by that slower CPU.

So, after lusting over the Nokia for weeks, I bought an iPhone 4S. It is super fast, the camera is wonderful, I restored a backup from my 4 and everything was working within minutes. As for change, I now carry a white one not a black one.

AuthorDave Martin