The mobile industry expectations are on target, mobile web will be bigger than desktop really soon. The world of marketing and commerce has worked it out. We are all consumers of various apps and mSites which sell product or extend brand. But have you recently been looking for a new job? What was the experience like? In the UK the recruitment industry should be ashamed that the biggest site where job ads are viewed in the millions is GumTree. The major job boards are now enjoying mobile as a channel and are befitting from huge growth in this channel. In some examples job boards are getting 10 times more traffic through mobile compared to just 12 months ago.

Now that marketing has proven this mobile stuff can work. Now that job boards have delivered millions of job seekers via mobile. What are companies doing to engage with the channel directly?

This is dependent in many ways on what are vendors offering.

For our industry to capture mass market mobile we need vendors helping us. So I am kicking off a number of posts to share and review what is on offer. So hear up, if you are a vendor contact me, tell me all about the product and give me interesting case study example and I will share your product and add it to my list of mobile vendors. Ideally I want to have a Skype chat to uncover the details.

If you have been a customer of a mobile solution, please contact me. I want to hear all the problems and all the great stuff. These stories need sharing, if you don't want your name unpublishing then I can keep that to myself.

So who is brave enough to go first? Who is good enough to set the benchmark? Next week I will publish the review of CareerBuilder Mobile who are based in the USA but have clients all over the world.

AuthorDave Martin