As a switched on social network aware employer, you know you need to expose your employer brand on mobile web. You already know that half of all tweets are read on mobile etc etc. So I will step down from my soap box and assume you have seen the light. So what next? Where do you go to get your jobs and brand on mobile? The world of mobile agencies is a wild west at the moment, lots of growing companies, lots of cowboys and lots of cash being handed over! If you go to a generic mobile agency they are going to be charging you for behind the scenes database work, the typical CMS will be targeting product sales or editorial articles neither of which are good match for job adverts. These guys will cost you a lot more money and time.

To help you out I am building a small directory of vendors that specialise in mobile recruiting. I will interview each company and review their solutions. I want to be totally transparent - there is no money passing between myself and the vendors. If I feel there solutions have serious faults, or are over priced I will write that. My goal is to help Mobilize the industry.

I recently chatted with Eric from CareerBuilder Mobile, you can check out their solutions here.

What do they offer?

They focus on mSites, instead of getting mixed up in the complexities of native apps. While I believe there is value to the native appStore approach I do feel that every mobile strategy should start with an mSite. So CareerBuilder can really get your mobile strategy moving forwards. They have existing clients all over Europe and the USA.

The solutions are simple and do what they say on the can. Reviewing a number of their clients live mSites shows that the template the product is built around is very flexible. Whilst Eric was not transparent with a rate card, I got the impression that the more bespoke the look and feel the more the cost.

The flexibility in the solution allows for a various options for the candidate to get into touch over mobile. The most effective according to Eric was, using my terminology, is "an extended business card". This is where the candidate provides contact details and answers 1 or 2 key questions around the application. Unfortunately a quick audit of the showcased clients shows that not all companies are prepared to add a pre-ATS screening step to their recruiting process. Shame, their loss.

What about promotion CareerBuilder provide additional promotion support including employer branded QR codes - something that is less popular in the UK but works a treat in the US. The sites have been built with SEO in mind and I found them in Google from my mobile.

Whats the sting? So what about costs? Sorry I can not help at this moment, but contact CareerBuilder and I am sure they will. Even better if you do get prics, please comment on this blog post and share the quote details.

What would I like to see? Transparency of cost could be better! I expect the difficulty is around how much you may already spend with CareerBuilder.

I would like to see campaign or micro targeted mSites on offer. Just as social and desktop solutions are best used when highly targeted, the market mobile is the same. Do we really have to go through the same learnings again and again?

Any insider gossip? I was very impressed with CareerBuilders plans for the future. They have a product out soon that will rock your socks! It's a very cool native solution but with a twist so tight that it could multiply an existing recruiting source the industry knows could do better! I hope to have some leaked preview screenshots and more detail really soon!

AuthorDave Martin