I have been preparing reviews of jobseeker experiences with various global organisations. A few times the respective individual responsible for online recruitment has corrected me when I have suggested they have no mSite support, it goes like this, Recruiter: "We do support mobile, here's the URL but mobile does not perform very well, none of our candidates use mobile"

Me: "All your thousands of jobs are available and no one wants to look at them? What happens if I visit your desktop career site on a mobile?"

Recruiter: "You get the desktop career site"

Me: "What happens if I search for your brand in Google and click a result pointing to your career site from my mobile?"

Recruiter: (tries it for the first time) " You get our desktop career site"

Me: "Do the job links you tweet redirect to the mobile pages if I am on a smartphone?"

Recruiter: (low mumble) "umm no they just go to the desktop site"

Me: "So how does anyone find your mSite? Automatic redirect is very easy get your vendor to implement that for you. Then let me know if your candidates are on mobile"

Hosting a mSite that no one can find is a tick box exercise. As far as I am concerned, if I Google you on my mobile and the careers page remains a desktop site - you do not support mobile Internet.

AuthorDave Martin