Since Google launched Android and entered into the mobile eco system arena to compete with Apple, they supported "Market Place" which went head to head against "AppStore". Now that has changed. Google have rebranded to "Google Play".

So what is Google Play?

It is a consolidation of various Google services under one brand. In reality it is Google's answer to iTunes and to Amazon. Both iTunes and Amazon sell video, music, books and apps for consumers to enjoy on their respective devices - iPhone, iPad and iPod or Kindle and Kindle Fire. The media selection is pretty good with all obvious new releases available. Google Play further pushes Google's checkout service, which competes with PayPal to provide one click purchases.

I was very impressed with the initial offering, and the "in the cloud" stream services Google are offering. Whilst this change means very little to the early adopter who was capable of interacting with individual Google services prior to the consolidation, it means a lot to the mass market. The service is easy to user, very (no shock here) easy to search and will really help Android boost its app & media sales, which is an area they are a long way behind Apple.

Check it out here... - do you think more people will Play with Google?

AuthorDave Martin
CategoriesAndroid, Mobile