I have enjoyed discussing the future of mobile in recruitment with various figure heads over at 4MAT for a few years, they understood mobile matters earlier than most. They were keen to be included in my mobile recruitment vendor review, so I caught up with a few of their team recently so they could update me on their latest mobile recruiting solutions. Before digging into the services they offer, 4MAT make an impressive effort to educate the recruitment industry, with case studies, info-graphics and regular blog posts about mobile Internet. You can read about their mobile services on their website, although it needs the statistics updating - we are now in 2012.

Through the 4MAT case studies and the data they shared with me, they see an all too typical picture. In 2011 6% of recruitment agency websites (50+ sampled) traffic was from a mobile, which is incredibly low compared to other industries. Investigation showed a lack of mobile optimised recruitment websites was a key issue. The industry is simply disappointing the candidate. Today 4MAT are pleased to report their most recent mobile optimised clients generates the same page views per visit and bounce rate on mobile as the desktop version - providing a better experience for the mobile job seeker.

What do they offer?

4MAT provide entire digital solution, the mSite, the desktop website and design. The mobile solution functions from the same database as their desktop website, reducing key input and the need to integrate any additional systems. Reviewing some of their clients live mobile websites shows support for video, job search, apply, email job, the ability to ring a consultant and more.

The service is comprehensive, although I did not see anything specific to social media. I tested the RWE nPower site and the Fircroft sites from a Google search and was pleased with the automatic mobile detection. Both sites function very well on my iPhone and an Android device.

What about promotion?

Chatting with 4MAT they shared various promotional support they had provided clients including  QR codes and SMS campaigns. The sites are highly SEO friendly.

Whats the sting?

The cost of the mSite is dependent on various parameters and can be purchased on its own or as part of a package with the desktop site.

Similarly to CareerBuilder (reviewed a few weeks ago) there needs to be full quote process to provide an accurate cost. Again this is a shame, as it would be great to discuss the cost benifit.

What would I like to see?

The 4MAT desktop career sites are very aesthetically and highly branded. I would like to see more of this high gloss design carried across to the mSite. I understand that their technical team is aiming for max mobile support, but most of todays modern smartphones handle HTML5 and CSS3. I am sure the branding can be more prominent without increasing the web page size too much.

The one site offered me the chance to apply with existing profile for that company, should I have one. While this was great to see - good work guys - I wonder if you can crack the code and let me create a quality profile from the phone? (Apparently they are working at this in the 4MAT Lab)

I understand the mSite is running from the same CMS / Database as the main desktop career website but it would be great if the job descriptions were written to target the device. Some of them were very long. I mentioned this to the 4MAT technical team, apparently they already support this, but do not have a live client making use of it just yet. It is a shame that the recruiter does not yet fully recognise the potential of mobile, I am sure that over the next 12 -18 months this will change.

Any insider gossop?

A little birdie tells me they are ready and willing to support apply with LinkedIn from the mobile. I have not seen this done yet be anyone - I know Maddle.nl were talking about it. So let me know when I can see it in action.

The guys at 4MAT have promised to share stats with me in a few months time for the RWE nPower mSite - so keep you eyes open for that.

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AuthorDave Martin