Nokia have launched a game changing offering in South Africa. For years RIM have dominated this market with the BlackBerry. Not even the mighty iPhone has loosened RIMs hold on the South African market. When BlackBerry is loosing market share at a dramatic rate in USA and Europe it is difficult to understand what is going on. Under the covers it is not really the BB that is winning, instead it's the data plan that comes with it. Data access is not cheap in South Africa, but various carriers offer unlimited data for BB IM, Facebook and email. For years such a package has only been available with the BlackBerry securing them as the untouchable market leader.

Today the game has changed. Nokia have launched a partnership with offering similar unlimited data deals with their Symbian range of smartphone. The obvious hurdle that Nokia must leap is BB IM, as so many people use it. However as Facebook is the no one reason people get connected in this market, it may be able to circumvent that issue.

We could have South Africa bucking all world wide trends with Symbian and BBos as number 1 and 2 mobile platforms. Elsewhere in Africa Android has capitalised with such data packages and budget devices, but as yet they have not got a stronghold in South Africa.

It is worth remembering, and a sober lesson to all the geeks like me, it's not just about the gadgets the Eco system and market drivers can make or break a product - regardless of the product quality.

Thanks to @art2gee for sharing the latest market movements with me!

AuthorDave Martin