That kind fella, "Glenn Southam", Marketing Manager at Staffgroup Ltd sent me a link of their 'nearly finished' mobile website. The company has soft launched a few mSites to represent their core brands. I took a detailed look at Eurostaff.

The site is aimed at the candidate and focuses on attracting connections, either candidates showing interest in jobs or connecting via social networks to Eurostaff.

Who built the site?

I understand the site was built by Strategies Group who develop sites for a range of industries including recruitment. I took some time to look on their website to learn more about their mobile solutions but unfortunately I could not find anything.

I did notice that their site itself was not optimised for mobile.

What does it offer the candidate?

In summary the mSite provides news about Eurostaff, jobs, contact via email or phone and connect via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. I like the headline aims and feel the goals of this project are very aspirational.

The site design is very simple, maybe too standard, but it is highly compatible with a massive number of mobile devices. Maybe a future goal would be enhance the site for those with more modern smartphones. The simplicity does mean it is super fast! The first page is 4k so it will load via wifi in about 1 second!

The implementation is basic, which is not a problem as it is version one, but I have some suggestions for version two.

What I would like to see in the future...

The navigation needs some attention, the back button is simple and familiar to iPhone users (not so much Android users) however it does scroll off the top of the screen when I use the site. It would be better if it stayed in sight. I got slightly confused with what to tap, the design is not clear. For example when on the browse by category screen, I kept trying to tap the title thinking it was part of the navigation. I know this sounds small and perhaps I am being picky, but if it confuses a candidate it may well loose the candidate.

The job description is well laid out but the call to action to apply is not well executed. As a candidate I read the job title, then the description which involves scrolling down the page. I reach the bottom of the page, and think "yep, thats for me" but there is no call to action. I have to scroll back to the top to find an apply. When I tap the apply / email button my email client opens, I have left the site and there is little instruction as to what I should write in the email.

The news feature provides information about Eurostaff, which is useful-ish for the candidate to learn more about Eurostaff. Unfortunatley the artilces available to read have been cut off after about one and half sentences. It reduces the features usefulness.

The social network buttons take the user straight to Eurostaff page on the related network site. These could have deep linked to the mobile versions instead of leaving it up to Twitter etc to redirect me to their mobile sites (it is slower). The LinkedIn button does not redirect to on my iPhone forcing me to use the desktop version. I would have preferred to see these buttons ask me as the candidate to follow / friend / connect and then login as required. This would have taken more development time to integrate with the social network APIs.

The design really is very basic, it functions and I can not flaw its super fast speed, but at least change the standard iPhone style header bar and back button, it just merges into mobile Safari so much it becomes invisible. Since the header bar is being used, it would have been nicer to put header text in it and save on real estate.

One feature I would encourage Eurostaff to add sooner than later, which fast becoming mSite best practice, is a link to their desktop site. It may well be I am happy pinching and zooming on my iPhone or a Samsung Note (which is huge).

Final words...

Overall, I was pleased to see the content was up to date, and very happy to see Eurostaff take the initiative to go mobile. They are still in the minority - so WELL DONE!

I am sure they will enjoy the benifits of being on mobile and with success under their belts invest further to increase their ROI by implementing at least a couple of my suggestions.

Be sure to update me when version two is live and I will re-review!

AuthorDave Martin