The last few mSite reviews have created a number of requests from innovative recruiters and mobile recruiting vendors. These folk are asking me to look at their solution and highlight the great features, while knowing I will point out the mistakes. As a mobile evangelist I am very pleased to see the increased activity within the recruitment industry.

Peter Gold is one such chap, asking me to review his companies latest mobile solution. The case study that launched last week is an mSite for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in the UK. So is it any good?

What does it offer the candidate?

The mSite gives the candidiate access to some introductory information on Krispy Kreme, an immediate view of available jobs, an advanced job search and a basket to save jobs to.

The content to 'sell' the company appears to have been written specifically for mobile and is very easy to read. The navigation between the articles is slightly confusing, the page you are currently on remains an option to click, this could be a bit more polished.

The job results are presented in large green buttons, which makes it very easy to tap through to view the job. But on different devices the two shades of green did make it difficult to read the location which is position over both shades. On an older HTC Android device the contrast really made this a problem, on my iPhone it was ok.

The job data is easy to read, with a large font used. The apply process is detached from the ATS and drives the candidate on a journey to add jobs into a basket. The journey pushes the user to email their basket to their desktop to finish the apply process. When the candidate receives the job basket email the process feels very joined up and integrated with with main desktop site.

The job search offers a great deal of search criteria, including miles from a postcode. It was disappointing that the mSite expected me to input my postcode manually instead of giving an option of using the device to workout where I am standing. The level of search criteria feels significantly overkill for what appears to be 17 available vacancies.

What would I like to see in the future?

The desktop career and marketing site shows off a Twitter and Facebook feed, so does the mobile marketing site, it is a shame that social media was missing from the career mSite.

The site is very fast, but some richer media would be nice. This can be implemented on pages to click though to such as a gallery of images which sets the candidates expectation around download speed. The focus on fast to load has lost an element of branding when compared to the desktop. I would like to see simple CSS3 used to deliver a more consistant feel for smartphone users that support it. (which is most of them!). I am not sure what devices the site was tested on, but there are a few polishing tweaks needed such as on an iPhone 4S where the job search field labels go slightly underneath the input boxes. (See picture at end of article).

The logo has been heavily compressed and on my iPhone 4S did not look good, on a iPhone 3G or a HTC Wildfire (both older devices with low res screens) it look great. Unfortunately on the HTC and an year old Samsung the layout was broken, both have only a 200px wide screen, which it quite small by todays huge standards. I would like to see mSites that adapt to the device capabilities. Previously I reviewed CareerBuilders Mobile solutions, they support a low res version and a high res version to deliver the best experience for each user. I look forward to mobile recruiting evolving so we see more delightful experiences for candidates with newer smartphones.

The basket feature is an interesting concept, and I was impressed with the faux attempt to make it feel integrated with the main website. When the email arrived to direct me to the desktop the journey took me to a basket on the main site. However as I navigated to other eye catching areas of the main site I had no way back to my basket, which seemed to only exist when I follow the link from the email. Many of the roles were management positions, the perfect linkedIn demographic, it would be great to see an apply with LinkedIn option?

As the mobile is not a great data input device the basket concept feels sensible, but the candidate journey needs to evolve. I would really like to see this tested and the vocab / experience developed as candidate mobile behaviour is fully understood.

The journey from Google was disappointing. The top result on my iPhone for "Krispy Kreme Careers UK" is the single career page on the companies own marketing website, which on a desktop links to the career microsite. I clicked this result, it redirected to an mSite, but there was no careers page. So I could not find their mobile recruiting career site, which will significantly impact their visitor count. I imagine that as this is very early days in the launch cycle, we are experiencing a hiccup that is being looked? The fix is a few lines of Javascript or server side code. The careers mSite was on the first page in Google, but not position 1 or 2 (yet).

Final Words...

Again, as always I am pleased to see a company supporting mobile Internet instead of ignoring it. So well done Krispy Kreme and well done to Peter & team. I am currently working on an detailed review of the top 30 companies in the USA and Krispy Kreme is already ahead of most of these enormous organisations!

The promotion around this launch from Peter Gold has focused on one of my favourite phrases SoLoMo - Social Location Mobile. This mSite is Mo but has no Social or Location services, I look forwards to Peter's evolutionary development of this mSite that I am sure will fullfil the meaning of my fondest buzz word!

If Krispy Kreme or Peter  will allow, it would be great to sharing the metrics associated with launch in a future blog post.


AuthorDave Martin
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