A few weeks ago the guys over at Jibe showed me their mobile product. It is fantastic to see mobile receiving attention and innovation. It offers a great solution for simple application processes where the candidate has a LinkedIn account, it cracked a smile on my face. I said so in a  mobile recruiting article for ERE. But my smile was not long lasting!

The Jibe mobile product makes it very easy for companies to launch their existing application process onto a mobile phone. It answers the tough question, "How will my candidates apply over a smartphone?".

For me, it only answers the question properly if a few key criteria are met...

  1. The candidate must have an up to date LinkedIn profile
  2. The application process must be very simple

When these two criteria are not met, the Jibe solution gives me nightmares.

The Jibe solution mimics the ATS online application for a given company. Many candidate online experiences are shocking. If online retail treated their audience the same way as recruitment treats its candidates the high street stores would be booming and the book shop Borders would still exist.

Widespread use of Jibe's mobile solution could, in the wrong hands, port an online application process that is nasty and unfriendly to mobile device. On mobile, data input is hard and network speeds are slow, so a poor online experience will be amplified into a disaster if mirrored directly to mobile.

My smile is turned upside down at the thought of mobile recruiting adoption that nurtures a broken process. Instead we need to be cruel to be kind, we must kill that online application process (or at least ignore it) so we can recreate the process to be candidate and mobile friendly.

Jibe provides light at the end of the tunnel, and a great solution for simple processes where recruiters are confident their next hire is a LinkedIn active users (which makes me wonder why they are not investing all their efforts into hiring from LinkedIn?).

I am sure Jibe will be working hard create a killer solution that will transform those broken experiences. I am looking forwards to seeing what the future brings from Jibe.

AuthorDave Martin