Adobe have been busy with Shadow since my last posts. Yesterday I participated in a webinar that showed off Shadow. Unfortunately I can not find a recorded video of the session.

Here are the some of the highlights of the latest updates.

  • Localhost is supported (Yeah!)
  • HTTP Authentication is supported
  • 3rd Gen iPad and Retina display supported
  • Kindle Fire Support
  • URL monitoring supported to test and debug single page mSites
  • Per device pull to refresh (Nice!)
  • 20+ devices
  • Device DOM inspection is ("for now") using winrie
  • iOS Simulator is NOT supported, but in talks with Apple
  • Supports Adobe Edge (HTML5 GUI for animation)
  • Full final version expected second half of 2012
  • Windows & Mac support - no Linux 

Localhost support is nice, it saves browsing by IP which is frequently dynamic.

The pull device to refresh is a great feature, the example workflow to use this feature is:

  1. Connect a bunch of devices
  2. In Chrome (with Shadow plugin) browse to site
  3. Scan devices and notice an error with one
  4. Change the CSS and save
  5. Pull down to refresh on that error prone device
  6. See if fix worked, refresh chrome (reloads all devices)
  7. Scan devices for errors

You can download Adobe Shadow here and read my Shadow install notes.

AuthorDave Martin