Recently I have been helping out with a mobile recruiting survey. The results are not all in but I could not wait any longer to share some snippets with you! Very soon we will release an infographic summarising the survey and an industry audit we just finished. The interest surrounding mobile recruiting has really started hotting up over the last couple of months. The response to the survey has shown mobile recruiting will be common place sooner than many believe.

The graph below shows the split of engagement with social, websites and mobile. Social is as you might expect very popular! I forecast that mobile will grow rapidly over the next 18 months. Growth will be driven by recruiters needing to go mobile to sustain the returns they achieve today from social recruiting.

In the UK, the last year has seen incredible Year on Year growth of smartphone market size. Today more people have a smartphone than those that don't. Recruiters more frequently have smartphone in their pockets which educates the industry around the technology. Being a smartphone user will increase recruiters appetites to adopt mobile.

Thinking about mobile and social is great, but email is still an active attraction tool. The increase in smartphone ownership amongst recruiters has impacted how they read email, see below chart, few recruiters don't read their email on mobile.

The survey has highlighted key queries recruiters have around mobile recruiting, I will attempt to address a few of these very soon.

AuthorDave Martin