I just read and commented on Matt Jeffery's excellent Recruiting 5.0 article on ERE. I wanted to share an abstract of my lengthy response, hopefully it makes sense without the context of the article.

The adoption of mobile support has been a slow burn in recruiting. However I have observed a dramatic change of pace in the last 6 months - particularly in the US. A real benchmark was the discussion at mRecruitingCamp. In 2011 the debate was "why bother with mobile" in 2012 the discussion was "How do I go mobile". During my 2012 presentation I ran a SMS poll, roughly 50% of the audience already had an mSite or a live project building one. Firms going mobile are from a diverse selection of sectors including leading auditors, banks, manufactures, hotel chains and tech firms.

The core focus around ROI and the importance of mobile was well articulated by Matt Lavery from UPS, he stated that it was a waste of time investing effort in Social Recruiting without a mobile optimised site to convert candidates. He shared some great stats that in the first two weeks of going live with their mSite they revived over 2,000 applications. His sucess and sentiments surrounding the tight coupling between social and mobile was shared by many speakers during mRecruitingCamp 2012.

If you check out the infographic you will see a 25% YoY growth in live mobile recruiting sites, this is not actually a big number- but based on observational research of the industry you can expect the growth next year to be significantly higher!

The focus on apps v mSite is interesting. YoY the number of company career apps dropped! There is no doubt that return can be achieved via apps but the socially integrated mSite solves a different (probably larger) problem, I.E converting from social media. A well thought out mSite can provide alerts via social media and deliver many if the benifits gained from an app- including an icon on the phone. But an app delivers conversion from the marketing channel of the various appStores. While the App Store audiences are huge there is a serious unanswered question around volume of career / job related searches.

I noticed a quote a ComScore stat around app v mSite usage. (50% mobile web usage is apps) This stat needs careful interpretation as it causes confusion. If I use Facebook or Twitter app and click on a link someone posted where is the site loaded? It is loaded inside the app- which may register as app usage even though the user is browsing the web. Just something to be aware of, for more info read http://mobiledave.me/2012/05/18/facebook-mobile-app-is-the-new-web-browser/ .

Those that feel it is best to not bother with mobile seriously need a CT scan. Unfortunately it reminds me of the late 90s and early 2000s when the statement was "forget the web!", I am sure that strategy worked out well (look at newspapers!). The opportunity is to redo your web site, but Mobile First. If you can deliver a great mobile candidate experience then you can expand that highly focus proposition to the desktop format. Mobile First is the opportunity to fix the frequently shocking experience that we force candidates through. Or you can ignore mobile, keep the frustrating desktop web experience and loose candidate and relationships to your competition who made it easier!

The recruiting industry needs to borrow ideas from ecommerce.... + Remove Barriers + Aim for least clicks + Delight the candidate + Measure at feild level the application journeys + MVT and improve the journey using real data to drive change

AuthorDave Martin