The RAD Awards have released the short list for 2014. It is great to see "use of mobile" as a featured category. Reading the "use of mobile" category description has made me smile as it felt slightly abstracted from the reality of how bad the job seeking experience is on a mobile device!

The category description shares what judges would considering when picking a winner. It starts off "Judges will be looking for innovative use of mobile, leveraging new technology to engage and enhance the experience: Mobile websites that step beyond the norm..."

As part of a research project for a white paper I recently audited 100 major employers career websites on mobile. A few companies had attempted to support mobile, even fewer companies provided the ability for the candidates to apply for a job and most companies did nothing. Just supporting mobile at all would be quite a "step beyond the norm"

I read on through the category description where it suggested the judges would be looking for Augmented Reality and NFC! Really - I think it might be best to encourage employers to deliver a valuable experience to the rapidly growing mobile web users before spending budget on mobile gimmicks! 

I intend (if i can find the time) to blog my evaluation of the 4 listed sites to share what can be learned from these sites (pros and cons). My congratulations to these companies and their vendors for putting mobile on their radar...

  • Barclays UKRBB (Hodes)
  • EDF Energy (ThirtyThree)
  • EE (ThirtyThree)
  • Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons (Andsome)

When I review the short list and pick my winner, I will be looking at the following 12 strict criteria which I will blog transparently....

  1. Is there a mobile friendly UI? (eg. are call to actions touch friendly, do I have to pinch and zoom, is layout broken, is content missing)
  2. If I Google the site from my mobile do I get the mobile site or the desktop site? 
  3. Can I find jobs easily with few taps? 
  4. Is the search mobile friendly? (eg. can I use the filter / search easily on a mobile, do I have to make make lots of searches to find a job, is anything one click?)
  5. Is the job description mobile friendly? (eg. can I read it without pinch and zoom)
  6. Can I apply for a job? (eg. is there a call to action to apply, how do I submit my details, how do I provide my CV?)
  7. Can I find information about working at the company? 
  8. Does the above work on iPhone OS7, Android 2.3, Android 2.4, Android 3, Android 4, BB10, BB7, BB6, WinPhone7+? 
  9. Does the site work on different screen sizes? (the top 100 phones have 26 different screen sizes)
  10. Does the site load in a couple of seconds on all the above devices? (eg. does it download big images meant for desktop and then hide them - which slows everything down, does it use complex javascript which breaks on an older BB or Android device?)
  11. Is the site fast to the users touch on the above devices? (often complex javascript meant for desktop makes a mobile experience slow and sluggish or unbearably frustrating)
  12. What happens if I look at the site on a tablet? (tablet is still touch and the same apply limitations exists, have these been ignored?)

The above will make a difference to real candidates and real companies. I advise employers to get the above right before thinking of Games, GPS, etc.

I probably should clarify incase of any confusion, my chosen winner has nothing to do with the official RAD awards and the winner receives nothing at all! I am simply interested in performing a deep evaluation on the 4 sites shortlisted as the best by the RADs. Should be fun?


AuthorDave Martin