We have all seen the stats, more and more people are using smartphones and tablets to connect to the web. We probably all use our own mobile to interact online every day. But what does this mean for recruitment? Do people use their handheld devices to research companies and find their next job? According to LinkedIn over 1 in 4 of their members on connecting via smartphone or tablet. 

As part of new project called "Mobile in Action" I interviewed Leela Srinivasan, Group Marketing Manager, LinkedIn to find out what LinkedIn users are doing via mobile. You can watch the interview on YouTube

LinkedIn offer both smartphone and iPad web support and native apps. They have invested in mobile and have released a few app updates too. The core LinkedIn functional is supported on mobile including company pages and jobs. The increased support of mobile has seen LinkedIn's mobile traffic close to double year on year; today 27% of LinkedIn unique visiting members are on a smartphone or tablet. If their mobile traffic continues to growth at the same rate, next year mobile could represent cira 40% of all LinkedIn traffic. I personally believe the growth rate will not be the same, it will be faster and we will see a 50/50 split between mobile and desktop / laptop devices.

LinkedIn members enjoy posting updates and reading news from their mobile, which is no shock it feels very 'social'. Social use is mainstream on mobile. Mobile engagement does not stop there: every second there are 19 people searches performed on LinkedIn via a mobile device! If 19 does not sound a lot to you, a quick calculation shows LinkedIn handle about 45 million people searches a month via mobile!

People looking at other people on LinkedIn is one thing, but what about researching companies? Today LinkedIn hold 2.7 million mobile optimised company pages. 

The LinkedIn job match drives around half of the interest to a job. It is not just searching active candidates but passive candidates too. What is the candidate experience when they leave the LinkedIn platform and land on the company website or the ATS jobs page?

So with all this mobile action going on I have only one question, "Where is LinkedIn Apply for mobile?". We have jobs on mobile, people and companies but a key transactional component is missing.

Is 27% of users being on mobile a benchmark, or does LinkedIn attract more? How does this compare to your mobile stats? Do you think a poor mobile experience at the company website matters? Whats your experience?

AuthorDave Martin
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