I attended a round table debate recently where a number of heads of recruitment shared how they spend c£3-6m just in the UK a year on attracting and hiring talent. I was shocked at the lack of focus on the conversion funnel and referral opportunities.

Online recruitment has many synergies with online retail. The task in hand is to influence the 'applying' decision (instead of buying decision) of talent. This can not be achieved by marketing bullshit and glitter, if  talent do apply and end up a hire it helps no one if they are disappointed. First impressions count, the candidate experience can turn the talent off very easily. Do you care about that talent that chose not to apply, is it their loss? Or did you just let the best hire ever walk away?

E-Retailers monitor the conversion funnel carefully, the best A/B test everything, with the aim to increase a percentage point here and a percentage point there. The difference of 1% sales conversion can have very large impacts on the bottom line. This focus is not copied by many online recruitment practices. Why not? Do you understand what A/B testing is? Are the tools missing? Or are you too busy? 

Do you know what your conversion funnel looks like? What % of talent land on the home page and ever reach a job ad? What % who get to a job ad apply? Is your messaging, images, videos, job description copy, job description layout, apply button, etc, all the best they can be? In great online companies all the detail is tested, it is not down to one persons opinion. Avoiding the "HiPPO" (Highest Paid Person's Opinion  effect, the best online firms let the metrics select the best approach, and they get right down into the detail! 

To start letting your talents online behaviour do the talking go and find out the % of traffic on mobile that hit your recruitment sites. Its probably around 20%.

Can you now see how much of that traffic "bounced" ie talent that looked at only one page. Its probably a big number and thats the first number to get focused on! Moving on see how many applied? If you can, check out the data of start application to end application?

I know from experience the data will show that the majority of your traffic from mobile is wasting talent. Fix that and your could save £600k - £1.2m depending on your budgets. (assuming you are a company that has budgets similar to those at the round table!).

Using data really is giving you Talent feedback. Its there if you can find time to listen. 

AuthorDave Martin