Twitter lead generation cards are here! If you have no idea what a lead generation card is then your not alone. Check out Twitters explanation. In brief it provides advertisers the opportunity to have a call to action inside Twitter. The action is as easy as following someone - but instead it can send your email address to the advertiser.

Is this what you want as a Twitter user? After reading 140 characters can you make the decision to pass on your email address for future spamming? Well early signs are "Yes" Twitter users are happy to share their details. So is this going to be a long term advertising feature on Twitter or will it go south when Tweeps are getting spammed? Below is a picture to show you what it looks like.


So what about recruitment? Already some forward thinking firms have launched job ads using the Twitter generation card, you can read about it on TNW. But what does the recruiter get? A bunch of email addresses! Is this useful for mainstream recruitment? Probably not. This may be great for certain recruitment circumstances, but for many this is going to completely unmanageable and risks setting a false candidate expectation.

What initially looks like it could be a great mApply solution quickly shows cracks. So how should recruiters embrace this new call to action?

It should be the start of the application process. Simply put recruiters should borrow marketing concepts and use that email address to put people into the conversion funnel.

A registered twitter lead can receive an email inviting the candiate to fully apply. Lead generation is exactly that - attraction not conversion! This may see the CRM recruitment solutions mature and deliver increased ROI, in a similar fashion to their marketing counterparts.

It does not solve mApply. The follow up email is still likely to read on a mobile. This is only a potential game changer for Twitter - they might have found a way to monitise all that talent attraction the recruitment industry has been enjoying for free.

AuthorDave Martin