When chatting with HR and recruiting professionals the first question is normally "is it worth doing mobile?". The discussion normally highlights that the organisation is very well aware that talent is on smartphone and tablet.

Mobile support involves change or at least something new to think about, so the busy professional finds loop holes to avoid having to add yet another thing to their already busy to do list. I often hear that "our candidates don't use mobile" or "we only want candidates that have committed to applying and can be bothered to go to their PC". Sorry but this is total rubbish just be honest and say "we are too busy, how can we measure the value of mobile so we can prioritise"?

So here are three easy steps to fully understand the value of mobile support to your recruiting efforts:

1. Go to your smartphone an visit your own career / recruitment website.

Can you click the links easily?

Can you read the content or do you have to scroll left right and up down?

Are you zooming in and out?

Does it look correct? Or do some page elements look broken?

If this experience was the first impression would you be impressed?

Can you find jobs?

Can you apply / follow the call to action? Dont just click the apply button try to apply - you will likely get stuck at "upload you CV"

2. Use Google Analytics to check out how many potential candidates are visiting your site by mobile.

This is really easy. Just click on Audience, then Mobile in the Google Analytics menu. You should get two options - Overview or Devices. Overview will tell you the volume of visitors you receive from a mobile. Write this number down as "monthly mobile visitors".

If your mobile experience is poor this is how many people you are neglecting now. The mobile visitor number is your "sure thing" lost opportunity. If you had mobile support you would expect this to higher via SEO on Googles mobile search and increased talent conversion from social media.

Talking to large employers and job boards the average mobile talent use is 20% to 30% of all traffic. Some mobile friendly employers have shared that 30% of all their new hires used their mobile solutions.

If you change the date range you can see the trend of mobile growing!

3. When I talk about mobile I also mean tablet, but how much does that really matter?

In Google Analytics click on mobile - devices. Here you can see if iPad is significant to you? Typically it is the first or second most popular device to hit a career website. You may see Kindle Fire (an Android tablet from Amazon) show up in the top 20. Pay attention to the visitor volume and bounce rate per device. When you fail to support a device the bounce rate will be high - 75% or more!

Planning and prioritising

Now you are armed with some key information to help you prioritise and plan mobile:

a. The experience your site offers on mobile.

b. The volume of talent you are closing the door on by failing to support mobile.

c. The growth trend so you can project mobile volumes in 6 or 12 months.

d. Which mobile devices are most important to support and the role iPad / Tablet plays in mobile recruitment marketing.

Calculating Return

Whats your typical web visit to apply ratio? How many candidates are you loosing? Did you loose more last year to this year due to mobile?

Lets say your a large employer and its going to work out at £30k a year to support mobile - whats your cost per candidate over a year based on the figures you just looked up?

Cost per mobile application = 30,000 / (monthly mobile visits * visit to apply ratio * 13.2) 

The 13.2 is 12 months plus 10% due to increased use of mobile over that period. This does not even include your additional applications due to increased social media conversion or SEO.

If your a staffing / recruitment agency going mobile will be significantly less expensive due to less complex ATS integration, its probably between £2,400 to £10,000 depending on your job volume and branding content.

Cost per mobile application = 2,400 / (monthly mobile visits * visit to apply ratio * 13.2) 

You know what an application is worth to you. You know what damaged employer brand costs you from ignoring the mobile / tablet talent.

Probably one hire a year would break even the mobile investment - do your visitor numbers look suggest only one hire a year? Nope the metrics suggest closer to 20% upwards of all hires could be from mobile.

So armed with a hard metric showing you what your missing and the ROI on going mobile what other project do you have in the pipeline that make the same huge difference to your business?

Mobile probably should be your biggest prioirty in 2013.

AuthorDave Martin