Mobile web is growing super fast. Many publishers off the record have shared with me that today their mobile traffic is now 40% to 50% of all their traffic. Is mobile the job boards saviour? Has anyone told the job boards?

As mobile web continues to change how, when and how frequently we connect to the web it is impacting job seekers. The big aggregators are laser focused on mobile, they can see it eating impacting CPC economics and cannot ignore it. Many job boards have experimented with an app but most of failed to deliver on mobile web.

The typical mobile recruiting solution focuses on search, a few manage to deliver alerts and one or two support apply. The majority push the job seeker back to their PC to apply, many do this even if the job seeker is a registered user with the job board. My research looking at case studies from Jibe, Mobolt and others shows this mobile to pc technique increases jobseeker drop off. It should be a last resort, not the primary approach.

The job board has taken some slack since social media erupted, the value of delivering an audience has changed. This means job boards need to evolve where their value comes from. Plugging a mobile gap and delivering easy one click apply is a real opportunity for niche and general job boards.

There are some obvious objectives the job board market should consider:

1. Deliver mobile audience no matter what the device. This adds a value that most company career sites currently don't offer.

2. Job seeker registration via mobile.

3. Apply using job board profile - if they are suitably positions the job board could offer this as a plugin off site for other sites to embed.

4. Stats showing applications by mobile, desktop, tablet or a mix so recruiters understand the value.

5.  The succesful job board needs to achieve this on mobile while delivering download speeds around 1 second. This will require more effort than simply adding some media queries in the CSS and claiming you have responsive web design.

There will many more innovative approach to how a job board can deliver mobile value. One this is for sure, if they ignore mobile they may not be in business in 12 to 18 months time. Google is already starting to penalise sites for not support mobile, Ad Words bills will increase for those not support mobile and job seekers will stop putting up with the poor level of service.  

I will blog another time about the challenges of doing responsive properly vs looking good when you resize the browser! As Google has set a benchmark of 1 second to download on a mobile job boards need to get this right!