This Friday - 6th September 2013 - is TruLondon. I hope to see you there? It is a fantastic networking event and a great opportunity to learn loads from the other delegates due to the un-conference style.  

Over the years, I have a ran a few tracks at Tru events. This time, in Tru style we are going to do something a bit different. 

The track is titled "Lets build a kick ass mobile recruiting website!" and is at 14:15 on Friday. 

Well maybe not build, but definitely sketch it out! We will use the collective experience of participants to define 3 key objectives for recruiting via the mobile channel. With objectives set we will define core features of a mobile solution to deliver the objectives. Then we will sketch out what the perfect mobile solution for recruiting might look like!

We will avoid technical debate and focus on the value delivered and blue sky features needed. So if you fancy arguing about Android vs iPhone this may not be the track for you! But if you want to have some fun thinking about real mobile recruiting then I look forwards to seeing you! Everyone can join in!

The aim is to share, learn new perspectives, get great ideas and have fun dreaming what perfect would look like! 

See you at TruLondon



AuthorDave Martin