Just before mRec 2013, I was able learn about how T-Mobile view mobile recruiting from chatting with Jessica Korte, Sr. Program Manager for Employer Brand at T-Mobile. Here are some highlights from our discussion...

 me: Why do you feel now is the time to put smartphone and tablet in your recruiting marketing mix?

Jessica: Beyond just embracing the products prevalent in our industry, the data speaks for itself. Candidates want mobile access to careers related content, whether it is for convenience or privacy. Year over year, we’ve seen our mobile and tablet visits double

me: How did you approach applying from a mobile / touch device?

Jessica: As a telecommunications company, we had to adapt the technology available and make our mobile presence a priority. It took commitment and willingness to be creative about how we were able to deliver a mobile friendly job search for our candidates. It wasn’t an easy solution considering ATS limitations, but we took a look at what we had available and with trial and error, as well as a lot of determination, we made it work for mobile.

me: How do you measure the value of supporting mobile as a recruiting channel?

Jessica: We measure our traffic and conversion data for our mobile and desktop sites. We’ve seen more than a threefold increase in the number of hires coming from mobile in just one year from the launch of mobile search and apply. With 20 percent of our traffic coming from tablet and mobile devices, we cannot risk missing out on all of these candidates.

me: How are you planning to continue the 'conversation' that starts in social media and takes talent to your mSite?

Jessica: Our plans are to keep our content dynamic on the website to embrace our growing social conversations. Whether it is managing content via a CMS or pulling in social feeds, we plan to cut out the majority of our static content and focus on engaging, relevant and more real-time copy, imagery and video.

me: What advice would you give to someone just starting out on the mobile recruiting journey?

Jessica: Make it a priority and be creative. Find the right partner and solution for your organisation, but do not waste any more time planning, start where you can and build from there, as you’re likely missing out on candidates every day who are unable to easily access your content from their mobile device. Don’t be afraid to launch and iterate early and often. This is not like publishing a quarterly print magazine.

me: Some might speculate that T-Mobile has a big budget to support smartphones and tablets, is budget a restriction for others to implement a mobile strategy?

Jessica: There are solutions that can meet an array of budgets, focus on what is important to your organization and dedicate your resources to meet those needs. Be willing to embrace the simplicity that is mobile.


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